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Elenore Support

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Elenore Support is a progressive dynamic organisation that adopts a mutual working approach to person centred support. We provide support provision to individuals with learning disabilities, a position on the Autism spectrum and/or mental health condition which is of an enduring nature requiring intensive support to promote recovery.

As a national organisation, Elenore Support offers a wide range of services including Community Support, Re-Enablement, Supported Living, Homelessness, Residential, domiciliary  and Short Breaks for vulnerable adults being discharged from hospital and probationary care, hospital logistics and forensic service for those who may be subject to legal framework.

To ensure best practice across the organisation, our philosophy is that the individuals being supported should be at the centre of the support we provide. We continuously strive to improve the lives of those we support and work with external professionals, inclusive of social services, health and probation to ensure we are able to support progression and inclusion, whilst safeguarding all involved.

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Supporting You
Independant Living

Our staff will assist you in your day-to-day living to promote your independence to your full potential e.g budgeting, cleaning, washing etc.

Medical Appointments

Our team will assist you in ensuring your appointments are being made and helping you to attend these appointments.

Personal Care

We will prompt you in completing your personal care each day and to help you create a routine on your own personal care.

Healthy Lifestyle

We will always promote a healthy lifestyle, this is from your daily intake of food & drink to exercise and activities of your choice to ensure you stay fit & healthy.

Want to work for us?

Looking into pursuing your career or starting a new one? We can offer great pay, an excellent benefits package and guaranteed career progression.

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